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Interested in reaching consumers in other local Philadelphia businesses? Swap-a-Frame, a division of ADVENT, can most certainly help.

By choosing through a multitude of business categories that we hold inventory at, you can select which types of businesses you'd like to advertise in.

Each month, you simply submit artwork to fit in 8 1/2" x 11" frames. We then Swap out your advertisements monthly to keep content fresh and target consumers of other successful local businesses.

And the best part...each frame you advertise in is just $10 per month! We guarantee you'll like the return on your investment!

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"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." - Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com

Each company has their standards. It is our goal to take each facet of your business and help create a lasting impression on those you serve. We start by examining your business practices and services, honing in on what you believe you could do better with. After creating the very best product & experience we believe you can offer, with your influence, ADVENT develops a revised or new branding effort with logo design, advertising materials including brochures, postcards, menus & business cards. We look to re-identify your business on the web with interactive websites & a new presence on all social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Social Media

The power of consumers' voices through social media platforms is unequaled in history. It offers an outlet for consumers to influence everything about your company. Now, with "like" buttons and re-tweets, consumers will find a way to weigh in on their experiences. It can make a brand or destroy a brand.

Our promise is a speedy adoption of the next big thing in social media. To stay on top of those changes, so our clients don't have to think about them.

ADVENT delivers custom Facebook pages and can introduce your company to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, putting you in direct touch and constant contact with your customers and their followers. Through a series of questions, we can pinpoint your ultimate appeal to current and potential customers, creating incentives and discount programs that are interactive and stand out amongst your competition.


The group at ADVENT has years of involvement producing events with a great variety of acts for over 100,000 attendees. We take pride in every aspect of every event, making the experience an EXTRAORDINARY one; always. Whether we're creating a seasonal music festival for 10,000 or an intimate party for your next company outing, we can accommodate. We also specialize in working with liquor and beer companies to best represent their brands at venues around the Greater-Philadelphia area, touching influencers in any demographic we're asked to target.

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  • Music Festivals
  • Brand Events
  • Company Parties
  • Fundraisers


  • Emerging Artists
    • Dell Harris
    • Ginger Coyle
    • Stuedabakerbrown
    • DJ Smiles
  • Event Performers
    • The best cover bands in Philadelphia & the shore
    • DJs & Emcees
    • Dancers
    • Circus performers, including trapeze artists, rope and fabric aerial performers, stilt walkers, etc.
  • Visual Art
    • Live mural art: Interested in having something over the top at your next brand or company party? ADVENT can provide the area's most talented mural artist to paint a brand logo, new product imagery, or whatever is fitting for the theme at your next event! Trust us. It's very cool to watch and have something to take from the event.


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